Adam J. Berner, Esq.

Adam J. Berner, Esq.
Berner Law & Mediation Group
One University Plaza, Suite 214
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Address 2
260 Madison Ave, Flr 22 New York, NY 10017
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Practice Group
Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey

Berner Law & Mediation Group was founded with the unique focus of helping individuals and families in conflict reach resolutions together, in a problem-solving way, instead of against each other, in a destructive way. Our client-centered approach seeks to create a safe and trusting space to get the information you need and engage in the dialogue necessary to reach mutually acceptable resolutions. Our firm understands that divorce is not the end of the relationship, but a restructuring and reorganization of the family. We are not just focused on getting a deal, but are mindful of the relationships – both during the divorce process as well as for the many years after this difficult transition in the family. Adam and his team are happy to help you and your family.

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