There are many reasons to consider collaborative law over traditional divorce. When both spouses are committed to the process, the advantages are many and the disadvantages are few.

The benefits of collaborative divorce include control over the outcome, reduced bitterness, the ability to protect children, increased privacy, reduced cost, and quicker resolution. A New Jersey collaborative professional can help you decide whether collaborative divorce would work for you and your spouse.

What To Expect

After you and your spouse have both agreed to the collaborative process you will have a meeting with your respective attorneys. During this meeting, if everyone agrees that collaborative is the right process for the couple, the team will review the process and expectations as well as sign the NJCCPG Collaborative Family Law Participation Agreement. (Click here to view the participation agreement.)

The participation agreement will delineate the nature and scope of the process and commit all parties to working collaboratively toward a mutually acceptable settlement. It also requires that the attorneys and and any neutral financial or other experts withdraw from the case if either of the spouses decides to end the process and go to court. In that situation, both spouses would need to hire new legal counsel. This agreement helps to ensure that all parties are “all in” and fully committed to achieving a resolution outside of the court process.

The process will take place in a series of four-way meetings until a settlement is reached. Meetings may include other members of the collaborative team when everyone agrees they are needed, including financial professionals, mental health professionals, and divorce coaches.

The collaborative process is designed to take place in an environment of open honest communication, complete transparency and commitment to an agreement in the best interest of all parties. This is in contrast to a contested divorce which often emphasizes individual entitlement.

For more information about collaborative divorce contact one of our collaborative professionals and schedule an appointment.